Lazoni is a business expert on production and marketing from luminaires for more than 15 years.

Based at GEISPOLSHEIM, near Strasbourg, our business became, through his 15 years of experience, a reference in his field activity.

With the production from different types from luminaires according to your tastes and colors, Lazoni, based at GEISPOLSHEIM, broadened its scope to scale continental, by offering its products and services in many countries Europeans but also with us, here, on France.

Today Lazoni, implanted at GEISPOLSHEIM, this is, certainly 15 years of experience but not only. We are one business innovative and modern, who is committed to listening to you, identify your needs and offer you the solution most adapted in order to always more and above all, always better to satisfy you.



The company Lazoni, specialized in the production and the marketing from luminaires and based at GEISPOLSHEIM, near Strasbourg, has a rich history of experience and success.

Unquestionably, we owe this success to 4 keywords, 4 values ​​that we know how to respect and convey through 15 years of experience.

  • The quality

Aware that our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers, offer them products and services quality quickly became a value at Lazoni, at GEISPOLSHEIM.

  • Innovation

To stand out, you have to be open to changes and therefore, to innovation. That is why, in Lazoni, at GEISPOLSHEIM, we propose to new products and services constantly, in order to offer a large variety from choice to our customers.

  • Modernity

Advance in the era of time and follow the trends is one of the main missions of Lazoni, based at GEISPOLSHEIM. Suggest products innovative, relevant to the trends is therefore, a goal that we have been achieving for more than 15 years today.

  • Elegance

Your luminaires undoubtedly represent one of the rooms main in the creation of your interior. In Lazoni, implanted at GEISPOLSHEIM, different colors, shapes and materials qualitative and elegant available to you, according to your tastes and the atmosphere that you wish create.

In Lazoni, based at GEISPOLSHEIM, near Strasbourg, we are above all one team d’experts, in love with their profession, who are committed there 15 years, to respond in the best possible way to your needs, by putting to your service unparalleled know-how.


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